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Papas Burgeria

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About the Game Papa's Burgeria

“We all need to make time for a burger once in a while.” - Erica Durance

Papa’s Burgeria game by Flipline Studios… If you were a game developer, thinking about making cooking games, cooking game about burgers would be the first choice, because, you see, what attracts people most in cooking games is 1. Building and 2. Decorating. Burger is all about building, so many things you could put inside, it’s up to your imagination. But let’s talk about burgers first. Do you guys know where the Burger word came from? It is shortened name of Hamburger and it’s nothing to do with the word “Ham”. Hamburger was derived from Hamburg steaks introduced in America by a German immigrants. That wasn’t very long time ago by the way, 1950s. Despite the origins, America is the top burger eating nation in the world, consuming more than 52 billion burgers a year, impressive numbers, don’t you agree?

Now let’s talk about Papas Burgeria game. Just like in Papa’s Cheeseria game, in a Burgeria game you build cheeseburgers plus the hamburgers, nothing original. Also keep in mind that Burgeria is of older generation of Papa’s cooking games and actions in it as well as ingredients are slightly limited. Well actually, there is decent amount of ingredients in Papa’s Burgeria game, it’s just for some reason we think Burgeria game deserves a remake. No harm in making Papa’s Burgeria 2… Anyway, let us show you how to play the game and how to make most delicious burgers for your customers.

How to Play

Order Station

There are only 2 Stations in Burgeria not including Order Station, which sucks actually but then again, this game is a sequel to the Papa’s Pizzeria, which means it is a bit old so there’s nothing we can do about that. Take order from the first customer and head to the Grill Station where we cook the raw burgers.

Grill Station

Ready to cook your first burger? Good! Now drag the raw meat onto the grill (any spot on the grill). No time to relax – roll the mouse cursor over the patty to see how long it’s been cooking and check the temperature of each side of the burger, this is important, because that’s how you find out how even the burger is cooked. The customer from tutorial level wants medium cooked burger which means you need to keep cooking it until the meter reaches yellow. However, in order to successfully complete the order both sides need to be at the same temperature or VERY CLOSE by the meter reaches yellow. So this procedure requires much attention. Done cooking? Send the burger to the Build Station.

Build Station

How do you start building a burger? First you put a bottom bun (in Burgeria game you place a bottom of the bread into the center of the indicated area). Next you drag burger onto the bread and begin adding toppings from the ticket. In this case first you add cheese then salad, then add some mustard (to put a sauce on a burger drag the bottle above the burger and click it) and finally add the top bun to finish the burger. Ready to surprise your first customer? Good luck.

Papas Burgeria

Papas Burgeria, 4.5 out of 5 based on 117 ratings