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About the Game Papa's Cheeseria

Papa’s Cheeseria - Brand new cooking / restaurant management flash game by Flipline Studios. Yet another amazing Papa Louie’s restaurant game to teach you how to cook grilled cheese sandwiches. Your employees: Ruby and Scarlet are ready to accept orders. Papas Cheersia is a special restaurant where customers can order over 40 unique varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches but that’s not all: You can choose one special recipe and serve it as a “Daily Special” every day. Serving special recipe earns you special rewards.

Best part of Papa’s Cheeseria game is the part where you get to unlock new recipes. Successfully serving customers is the way to unlocking special recipes. First you need to learn how to make gourmet grilled sandwiches, how to cook them, which ingredients to use (because there are many varieties of sauces, cheeses, brad and toppings). Learn how to use grill how to cook fries and serve them together. There’s a short video tutorial as well as Step by Step tutorial in images below explaining / showing you how to cook grilled sandwiches and how to deal with orders. Papas Cheeseria is not as simple as rest of the Papas Games, after all, Cheeseria is a strategy game. Good luck and enjoy playing Cheeseria, for more details and guidance check see the links below.

How to Play

Order Station

No action required from player (except clicking “take order” button) in the Order Station. Your character will write down the order automatically, after which you can move on to the Build Station.

Build Station

This is where it gets fun: based on your order, pick a bread type by clicking on it. Add cheese (the one from the order ticket). Next comes the turkey slice, add it to the sandwich just like you did with cheese. Next add tomatoes or other type of toppings from the ticket. Add Mustard or Ketchup or Mayo (based on your ticket). After adding all the topics from the ticket it’s time to “close” the sandwich, which you do by dragging top piece of the bread to the sandwich. Time to move on to the Grill Station.

Grill Station

Everything is set and ready to be cooked: Start by dragging sandwich onto the grill. Stat cooking and wait until the bottom matches how they wanted it cooked. Then Flip the sandwich and do the same. When sandwich is ready, drag it onto the cutting board (make sure you cut the sandwich in half). Time to move on to the Fry Station

Fry Station

Every single order in Papa’s Cheeseria game comes with fries. There are two types of fries in the game. Select the fries from the ticket and start cooking. Just like you did before, wait until the fries have finished cooking. When the timer bar reaches the white line the fries are done. When finished, drag the fryer basket on to the plate and serve the order.

Papa's Cheeseria Game

Papas Cheeseria, 4.6 out of 5 based on 296 ratings