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Papas Cupcakeria

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About the Game Papa's Cupcakeria

“A cake for all is not a celebration of one. Cupcakes are the ultimate birthday cake.” ― Jarod Kintz, A Zebra is the Piano of the Animal Kingdom

Welcome to the city of Frostfield, where the new Papa Louie’s restaurant – Papa’s Cupcakeria has just been approved for business. Your new employees James and Willow are ready to take orders. Time to learn how to cook stupid amount of yummy cupcakes: how to bake cupcakes, how to batter and frost cupcakes. The procedure is very simple: you just need to learn which baking cups to use, what sort of batter to choose, carefully monitor oven and how to decorate each cupcake to satisfy customers. Speaking of decorating cupcakes: there’s insane amount of toppings and frostings in the Papas Cupcakeria game and that’s not all; as you level up and notice seasons changing in the town of Frostfield, you get to unlock completely new, seasonal toppings for each holiday, Fun isn’t it? Just like when you make donuts in Donuteria. Now it’s time for the tutorial – how to cook cupcakes and how to decorate them…

Whenever you’re ready to take first order… copy down the order details and off to the Batter Station.

How to Play

Batter Station

If you look closely to the order, you’ll notice the customer has ordered a specific cup for the cupcake. So line the pan with the baking cups from the ticket. Then it’s time to pour the cake batter into the cups, pay attention which Cake Batter you use, it must be the one that customer ordered. In order to pour the batter – click and hold the button (indicated in tutorial). The machine will start filling a cup with batter! Release to stop filling (when it’s half full). It will take some time and training to get used to this machine and let go just in time. You’ll get short msg (notification) “too much” or “perfect”, keep practicing until you master it.

Bake Station

With your cups full it’s time to move on to the bake station. Simply drag the cupcake pan into the oven. Now, carefully watch the timer on the oven – when it hits the line, the cupcakes are ready! Time spent in Bake Station is going to be very short.

Build Station

Juicy part of Papa’s Cupcakeria game is the Build Station. To start:

  • Add frosting to each cupcake, the frostings from the order ticket. Adding frostings might be a little tricky, you need to learn how to apply the frostings correctly. No need to get upset if you fail first couple of times, it was designed that way.
  • After applying frostings it’s time to take second step in decorating cupcakes from the order. Apply the chocolate Drizzle by grabbing the bottle and releasing it above the cupcake. This should be easier to do.
  • Then it’s time to add some Rainbow Sprinkles. Grab the shaker and release above the cupcake. And finally, the cupcake from the ticket needs a cherry on top: Drag a cherry above the cupcake then release to drop it. Repeat the procedure for the second cupcake and you are done.

You’ve done well for the first time, go ahead and serve the order and be positive, make your customers happy. Papas Cupcakeria might be a little bit harder than other games from Papas Games series but after short practice it gets much easier. Good luck and have fun.

Papas Cupcakeria

Papas Cupcakeria, 4.5 out of 5 based on 235 ratings