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About the Game Papa's Donuteria

“I owe it all to little chocolate donuts.” John Belushi

Papa’s Donuteria - latest cooking / restaurant management game where you get to run a donut shop in the Powder Point Amusement Park. It’s really funny how Flipline insists categorizing their games as “Strategy”. Papas Donuteria or other Papas Games for that matter have nothing to do with strategy. Donuteria is a cooking game just like Freezeria or Cupcakeria, cooking / restaurant management game that is considered to be one of the most played cooking flash games on the net. Serving stacks of delicious donuts is fun, but making donuts is even more fun. First you need to learn how to choose correct type of dough, how to shape donuts, how to fry donuts and of course learn how to apply proper doze of fillings, icing and toppings…

Did you know that people in American are actually named “Donuts”? Lovely, isn’t it? Every American should know how to make “olykoeks”, that’s how Dunuts used to be called in the past and with Papa’s Donuteria game, you can easily achieve that. Now about the coolest part of the game: just like in Cheeseria game, you get to unlock new ingredients and holiday shapes as you play throughout the year. Now let’s see how to play Papas Donuteria, see the tutorial below.

Here we are at Sky Ninja Amusement Park in a brand new Papa Louie Donut Restaurant. First customer awaits, go ahead and “Take Order” and proceed to Dough Station.

How to Play

Dough Station

Your character will automatically write down the order details… as soon as the order received, move to the Dough Station. The very first donut (the one from tutorial) needs a regular dough. Go ahead and drag a ball of regular dough onto the work area. In fact, all 3 donuts (from the order) need a regular dough, drag them onto the work area.

The very first and third donuts are a traditional Ring Shape so drag the Ring Cutter onto the first/third slabs of dough. The second donut is round, no hole in the middle, use the Round Cutter for this slab of dough. Time to move on to the Fry Station.

Fry Station

Donuts are fried in the Fry Station Drag all three donuts into the fryer. All 3 donuts float white they cook. Let the bottoms of the donuts fry until it’s time to flip them. The tutorial will notify you when it’s time to flip them (by clicking onto each donut). When donuts are done cooking, drag them to the Finished Tray and send to the Build Station.

Build Station

All 3 fried donuts are waiting on the shelf to be used with orders. Drag all 3 of them onto the Build Tray below. It’s time for icing. First donut needs chocolate icing – drag the donut over the icing vat. Second donut needs clear Glaze – drop the donut into the Clear Glaze vat. Third donut needs Powdered Sugar – if the donut isn’t centered when you dip it, the icing will be off-center and you’ll use points so watch out. After icing donuts it’s time to add Drizzles and Toppings:

First donut needs Strawberry Drizzle. Drag the Strawberry bottle to the donut. The same donut also needs Rainbow Sprinkles, drag the sprinkles shaker onto the donut. The second donut needs Blue Moon Drizzle, repeat the routine with Blue Moon Drizzle and Chocolate Chips for the second Donut. Follow the instructions for the third donut and there, ready to serve the order.

Papas Donuteria

Papas Donuteria, 4.6 out of 5 based on 217 ratings