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About the Game Papa's Freezeria

A radio in a song in an ice cream cone. Two licks for free, and the third is for sale. My favorite flavor tastes like a commercial, because it’s made with 100% natural advertisement.” ― Jarod Kintz, Xazaqazax

You think running a Papa’s Freezeria Ice cream café in a tropical island is a dream job? Wait till you see Papa Louie’s loyal customers arriving on the island for vocation. Hoped to eat ice cream all day long? Instead you get to serve customers all day long. Before we talk about Freezeria game, let us tell you couple of interesting facts about Ice Cream: believe it or not before the milk based ice cream was introduced (10th century), ice cream was actually made of actual ICE. In fact some cultures especially Asian cultures, for example Japan still practice the original ice cream tradition, maybe not for commercial purposes but people often make ice cream made of ice at home. Want to know more? One of the most unusual ice cream flavors is a hot dog flavored ice cream, created in Arizona, US. How’s that for unusual? It is actually hard to imagine how the hot dog flavored ice cream tastes like but if you enjoy hot dogs, make sure you check on Papa’s Hot Doggeria game.

Now, let’s talk about the Papas Freezeria game and what it has to offer. Surprise Surprise, Freezeria is a game where you make ice cream, lovely isn’t it? Ice Cream making game that kid’s call “Papa’s Icecreameria”. You can only imagine how popular the game is during the summer. So, whenever you’re ready to learn how to make ice cream in Papa’s Freezeria game: how to add ingredients and blend ice cream with syrups, how to add toppings, feel free to use our guide – video or walkthrough guide below.

How to Play

Build Station

Build Station is where you start sundaes with syrups and mixable. The very first thing you do is to pour ice cream into the cup but you need to be careful, you should press the Green button only when the indicator is centered. Now it’s time to add mixable… use mixable machine to add ingredients from the ticket, in tutorial level you need a strawberry and chocolate, adding mixable procedure is no different from the previous procedure. Simply wait till it’s centered. All done in Build Station, now jump to the Mix Station.

Mix Station

This is the station where you blend the freezer sundaes. There are 4 mixing machines available, feel free to use any of them to mix sundae. Carefully watch the blend meter and remove the cup when the indicator looks like what the customer has ordered on the ticket, which in this case is Middle. You don’t have anything else to do in Mix Station, go ahead and jump to Top Station.

Top Station

In Top Station you add all kinds of toppings and sweats to freezer sundaes. In other words, Top Station is the best part of the game, where you decorate the ice cream for customers. You should add toppings in the order shown on the ticket, this is important, if you want to get high scores and more tips. Most of the time, the very first thing you add is the Whipped Cream, and this tutorial level is no exception. To add Whipped Cream, pick up the bottle by clicking it once, and move your mouse left and right on top of ice cream cup until it stops spraying Whipped Cream. Next, you add some chocolate, in the same fashion but try to spread toppings evenly across the top.

Next step is to add sprinkles, even though sprinkles is not liquid, adding technique is the same as before. And finally you add Cherry on Top, literally, add 3 cherries on top and you’re done. As you can see in the video, it is very easy to get 100 points in each station.

Papas Freezeria

Papas Freezeria, 4.5 out of 5 based on 303 ratings