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Papas Hot Doggeria

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About the Game Papa's Hot Doggeria

You know most of the food that Americans hold so dear - things like hamburgers and hot dogs - were road food, but even before they were road food, they were peasant food. - Alton Brown

Best spot in the stadium griller belongs to Papa’s Hot Doggeria and you know what that means right? A friend told me once, a baseball match without a hot dog is like a Romeo without Juliet. Baseball is an American tradition, so is the Hot Dog, and these two make an excellent couple. But hold on a minute, after all that speech about Hot Dogs being American tradition, completely forgot about the actual original of hot dogs, they were first introduced in Frankfurt in 1484. There was no America back then. That’s something you probably did not know about Hot dogs, and here is another thing: Hot Dogs were the first food eaten on the moon, such a privilege…

Now let’s see what the Papas Hot Doggeria Game has to offer; First of all, Hot Doggeria, along with Papa’s Taco Mia game is of our favorite games. And here is why: while the Papa’s Hot Doggeria might not be as sophisticated as Donuteria or Cheeseria games, its simplicity is exactly the most attractive thing about the game. In other words you spend less time worrying about failing during the cooking process and more time enjoying the process and it’s all because of simplicity of game mechanics. Now, let us teach you how to manage the game, how to grill sausages and dogs, how to add toppings and how to pour drinks. Use the tutorial below to learn basics of the game.

How to Play

Grill Station

The very first customer wants a hot dog, (obviously) so go ahead and drag a raw hot dog onto the grill. If you’re already familiar with the cooking/frying process in Papa’s Games, you know when to flip the sausage and when it’s done cooking, if this is the first game for you from Papa’s Games series, then here is what you do: you need to cook both sides of the hot dog, each spot on the grill has a timer showing how long to cook the meat. Watch the indicator closely and the moment it turns ORANGE, flip the sausage by clicking on it once. When the other side is done cooking, take the sausage off the grill and send it to Build Station.

Build Station

The customer from the tutorial level will want some Relish and Mustard on the hot dog. Adding these ingredients is super easy, just like everything else in this game. Click the Relish to pick it up, then move your mouse left to right and the other way around on top of the hot dog to pour relish, make sure you pour it evenly across the sausage. Next in line is mustard: repeat the procedure when adding Mustard – left to right and right to left. All done in Build Station but you’re not done with the order just yet, customer wants some drinks and popcorn so it’s time to visit Pop Station.

Pop Station

First thing to know about Pop Station is that customers will order size for their drinks and popcorn as well. So when pouring drinks and serving popcorn, make sure you pay attention to the ticket: S = Small; M = Medium; L = Large. Time to serve Small Size Fizzo (drink) and small size Popcorn from the ticket. That’s it, you are ready to serve your first customer.

Papas Hot Doggeria

Papas Hot Doggeria, 4.6 out of 5 based on 174 ratings