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Papas Pancakeria

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About the Game Papa's Pancakeria

“There was no time for chit-chat when there were chocolate chip pancakes to be eaten.” ― Kristen Day, Forsaken

Papa’s Pancakeria – yet another amazing restaurant game where you get to cook stacks of pancakes, French toast and waffles. America’s favorite breakfast - pancakes… want to know something really cool about pancakes? Did you know that before baking soda was invented, cooks often used fresh snow as it contained ammonia, which helped the pancakes come out fluffy and soft? Snow as an ingredient for pancakes, really amazing isn’t it? The Papas Pancakeria game is also amazing, however just like the Papa’s Pizzeria, it is a little older than the other Papa’s Games. Which means Pancakeria is not as sophisticated as let’s say Donuteria game: less actions involved in gameplay process that limits the overall gameplay experience but this is not to say that Pancakeria game is not good, in fact, it is one of the most popular games by Flipline.

Just like rest of the Flipline cooking games, Papa’s Pancakeria is a time-management cooking game, which means cooking and serving customers is only a part of the game, it is no less important to serve customers as quickly as possible, your scores and tips depend on how fast you cook, decorate and serve orders. If you’re familiar with Papas Games, you probably know about Foodini and Foodini mini-games. Keep in mind that in Pancakeria game, Foodini mini-games is the only source of unlocking new gaming content, in this case – Unlockable Drink Station. But all of this after you learn how to manage the game: Check out the Pancakeria “how to play” guide below to learn basics of the game mechanics.

How to Play

Oder Station

Nothing special about Order Station, I’s the similar as in rest of Papas Games. You take the order and jump to Grill Station. However, what’s different about Pancakeria’s Stations is that one of them is actually LOCKED. That’s something we don’t see often. But not to worry, you will unlock the Drink Station through the mini games by Foodini. Meanwhile you just have to serve customers without Drink Station.

Grill Station

Let’s get started, drag the batter onto the grill to start cooking pancakes (2 pancakes from the ticket). You’re most likely already familiar with Flip meter and how it works, but just in case this is the first game for you, keep an eye on flip meter and the moment it turns ORANGE, it’s time to flip the pancake. Simply click the pancake to flip it around. You have to cook both sides the repeat the procedure and when the other side is orange too, your pancakes are ready. Now, let’s jump to the Build Station to complete the order.

Build Station

Take a look at the order ticket again and stack the pancakes exactly as in the ticket. In this particular ticket (from the tutorial) you have to stack 2 pancakes without putting nothing between them. On top of the second pancake however, you need to add 3 pieces of batter pads: Click the batter pod to pick it up and don’t let go until you hover it on top of pancakes, find the place where you want to put it and then let go. This tutorial will show you exact places where you need to put batter pads, however, outside the tutorial you’ll have to manage on your own.

Adding toppings is the next step, pick up blueberries, drag them over the stack and pour evenly across the surface, just like you do it in rest of the Papa’s Games.

Final step is to add syrup. In this case it’s a blueberry syrup. Do exactly what you did in previous procedure. Even though it’s a syrup and not the actual blueberries, the procedure of applying it is the similar. All done. You are ready to make your very first customer happy.

Papas Pancakeria

Papas Pancakeria, 4.6 out of 5 based on 175 ratings