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About the Game Papa's Pasteria

“Pasta with melted cheese is the one thing I could eat over and over again.” - Yotam Ottolenghi

New Italian restaurant from Papa Louie’s restaurant chain has just been cleared for business – Papa’s Pasteria is ready to serve customers in the Portallini town. However, pasta chef is not an easy title to earn, takes a lot of work and practice to achieve it, even if it’s only a cooking game. Simply cooking noodles and making sauce is not good enough; did you know that there are 600 types of pasta in the world and some have over 1300 names? Naturally there are only few types of pasta in Pasteria game but everything has to be perfect to achieve the perfect taste. Papas Pasteria is a special game, just like the Pizzeria game it is special to Papa Louie himself, and you don’t have to be a genius to tell why.

Italian pasta is special… by the way Italy produces nearly 1.5 million tons of paste a year. That is a profound number, and it also says a lot about how much Italians value pasta. So many things you can do in Papa’s Pasteria game, only limited by your imagination, ancient Romans used to fry pasta, try to come up with something unique yourself and surprise your customers. Let’s go ahead and take the first order and move on to the Cook Station

How to Play

Cook Station

The very first customer from the tutorial level will want Macaroni so go ahead and drag the jar of Macaroni pasta onto the free pot strainer and wait for pasta to cook, watch the indicator: when the paste is half way cooked you need to use the wooden spoon and stir it. Stirring pasta is simple as it gets – simply drag the spoon to the pot and let go to start stirring. Indicator shows you need 4 bars (when the meter is orange) to cook pasta, in other words stirring must be done at 2 bars, then simply keep cooking until the pasta is ready. Once the indicator reaches 4 bars, take the jar out of boiling water and wait until the water has drained off, then drag the strainer of pasta onto a plate and gogo to the BUILD STATION.

Build Station

It looks like the customer wants Papa’s Marinara on top of Macaroni so go ahead and click the sauce jar to select it. Now be careful when applying the sauce. You need to press and hold on the plate of pasta to pour sauce onto the pasta noodles, keep moving your mouse (but don’t let go just yet) around the plate to apply the sauce everywhere.

Time to add some cheese, in this case customer wants Parmesan Cheese – drag the shaker above the plate and start pouring.

Most customers will want some meatballs, in tutorial you will want to add 5 meatballs on top of macaroni, go ahead and drag meatballs onto the plate and make sure you put them exactly in the indicated areas. The pasta is ready, time for Bread Station.

Bread Station

Garlic breadstick is the most common bread type used in Papa’s Pasteria – drag a breadstick onto the conveyor and toast it. After putting bread onto the conveyor all you have to do is wait and then take the toasted bread, put it on the plate. There! Your first order is ready to be served. Don’t pay attention to the Order Station points, because it’s only a tutorial.

Papas Pasteria

Papas Pasteria, 4.6 out of 5 based on 158 ratings