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Papas Wingeria

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About the Game Papa's Wingeria

Chicken wings and fries, I'm in love with all the simple things. Little things, soldiers be around always bickering. - Mac Miller

Papa’s Wingeria by Fllipline Studios, an amazing cooking game allowing you to prepare and serve most delicious chicken wings in the town. 99% of non-vegetarian population loves chicken and especially chicken wings. In fact, chicken wings are so popular it has not once been a subject of crime: for example years ago in United States 2 people have been accused of stealing $65 000 worth of chicken wings. Funny part is that despite the arrest, stolen chicken wings have never been recovered. That’s how intense the chicken wings can be… As for the Papas Wingeria game, it is no less intense then other Papa’s Games and even more popular than Papa’s Taco Mia Game .

Now that you have been put in charge of chicken wings restaurant, you’ll need to first learn the recipes, how to cook chicken wings and fries and how to arrange them with garnishes and how to prepare Papa’s Wingeria exclusive sauces. Making customers happy is an art even if it’s a Chicken Wings restaurant. Which is why we have prepared a step by step guide to teach you basics, how to play Papa’s Wingeria game. Have a look around the restaurant and head to the order station to serve the first customer. Take the order and go to the Order Station.

How to Play

Fry Station

The very first customer will want 4 chicken wings – go ahead and drag the wing bin onto empty fryer. In Papas WIngeria game you have to choose number of wings you want to fry by sliding the arrow on the wing bin (after you drag a bin to a fryer). As usual, the timer bar for each basket will show you how long the wings have cooked, you have to cook until the meter hits the white line. Once the meat is cooked, move to the Sauce Station.

Sauce Station

Time to add some BBQ sauce, a sauce from the tutorial ticket. Adding sauce is very easy, all you have to do is drag one of the sauce bottles (in this case BBQ sauce) above the bowl with chicken wings and pour it by clicking once. However, make sure you use the right amount of sauce, in order to add right amount of sauce simply release the bottle when the number on the bowl meter matches the number on the ticket, simple as that. Next step is even more important: after pouring the sauce, close the bowl and shake it to spread the sauce evenly on chicken wings; it’s pretty easy once you get used to it: Click the button when the arrow meter is completely green to stop shaking, voila. And again, toss the wings one more time! And click the button when it’s all green. You are done in Sauce Station, time for

Build Station

Arrange the wings on the place as the indicator shows, nice and even. You see this symbol on a ticket, arrange them evenly in a circle pattern. Add some Blue cheese dips ranch from the ticket. Now be careful when arranging dips, they go in the center of the plate and make sure you arrange them evenly. Done, click the green button to finish and drag the order ticket on to the ticket holder to deliver it.

Papas Wingeria

Papas Wingeria, 4.7 out of 5 based on 151 ratings